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High Pressure Waterjet Cleaning Machine System


1. High pressure safety protection.

2. Uses water only

3. Advanced control to turn on/off pressured water stream with no delay.

4. Multiple nozzle spray cleaning system.

High Pressure Cleaning Machine


1. Up to 200MPa, adjustable between 60-200MPa.

2. Flow rate: 25L/min (about 6 gal/min).

High Pressure Cleaning Machine

High Pressure Cleaning Machine

High Pressure Cleaning Machine

The high pressure cleaning machines are specially useful for hard to reach, hard to scrub places, like to high, too small of space, etc.

1. Petroleum refinery company: to clean different kinds of heat sink/radiator, reaction container, and pipe, etc.

2. Surface preparation to remove old paint, rust etc, and to creat texture on the surface of stones such as marble or granite

3. Power generate plant: condenser, steam turbine etc.

4. Automobile maker: assemble line cleaning.

5. Civil public work: removing the paint of marks on the road pavement, airport run way clean, etc.

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