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High Pressure Transducer/Sensor

High Pressure Sensor/Transducer

High Pressure Sensor/Transducer

High Pressure Sensor/Transducer
More transducer pictures.

Ultra high pressure: the SPS series pressure sensors and the SPT series pressure transducers with digital panel meter display (DM, DPM) are designed for sensing ultra high pressure, with pressure measurement up to 14000Bar (200 KPSI, 1500Mpa).

The pressure transducer uses advanced technologies to eliminate interference, improve sensitivity and accuracy. The standard 4-20 mA current output of the transducer maps directly to the posted full scale range of a pressure sensor unit, which makes it easy for a user of the transducer to apply it in a feed back loop of control, and also easy to select matching display instruments. Normalized 0-10 mA current output is also available.

Type of the Pressure sensor: The front end of this Pressure transducer is a sensitive film type resistive pressure sensor in a Wheatstone Bridge circuit.

Technical highlights: - Download full spec.
- Up to 1500MPa
- Sensitivity: 3.0mV/V
- Power supply: 5-24VDC
- Output: 4-20mA, 0-10 mA or 0-3V
- Overload: 120%
- Weight: 150 g - Thread: male or female, many threads available.

Unlike a gauge the SPT pressure transducer can be connected to a digital meter unit through electrical cable so that the display unit can be placed away from the pressured area. The RS232/485 connector on the digital meter allows direct interface to a computer for easy data acquisition. Follow this link for detailed information of digital panel meters

How to order:
Voltage output type pressure sensor model number is "SPS - pressure range-thread"
For example: SPS-500B-M0104-18 is a 0-500Bar, 1/4"-18 male thread pressure port.
SPS-100KPSI-F375C is a 0-100KPSI, 3/8" autoclave Female thread pressure port.

Current output type pressure transducer model number is "SPT - pressure range - thread".
For example: SPT-500B-M2015 is 0-500Bar, M20x1.5 male thread pressure sensor.
SPT-75KP-F250C is 0-75KPSI, 1/4" F0250C autoclave pressure transducer.

Available transducer pressure range:
Bar: 100, 200,300,500,1000,2000,3000,4500,5000,6000,8000,10000,12000,14000
Kpsi: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 175, 200

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