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Model WIP5 specification




High pressure pump type: intensifier.

Maximum  pressure: 380Mpa (55kpsi).

Maximum water flow rate 3.4L/minute (0.8Gal/min)

Pump cooling method: forced water flow, electrical chiller is optional.

Digital display of working pressure.

Water Filter: 2-stage water filtration included.

Minimum supply water pressure to pump: 70psi (5kg/cm2)

Internal water pressure booster pump.

Approximate size: 60" x 32" x 55" (1600x800x1400mm)

Power source: 3 phase, 220VAC 60Hz or (380VAC, 50Hz),

40kw, 50 HP. System starting current is about 160Amp.




Cutting head:


Pneumatically operated on/off valve, self-aligned cutting head. Maximum Abrasive flow rate:  0.5kg/min (1lb/min). Compressed air source is necessary. An air compressor is optional item from manufacturer. As an option, the cutting head can manually tilt in both x and y directions.




Automatic abrasive feeder (optional):


This equipment is highly recommended.

  • Requires 70psi pneumatic source
  • Capacity 40 Gallon.
  • Self detecting empty/full status of reservoir and start/stop feeding.
  • Model number ADS-04-170.




Mini hopper (optional):


Mini hopper is used as a bridge between the automatic abrasive feeder and the cutting head. The mini hopper also includes a valve to control the flow of the abrasive.




Stainless Steel tubing (optional):


The tubing connects the high pressure pump to the cutting head.




System connection diagram