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We specialize in high quality water jet machine and other high pressure products

Technical Support

If you have any problems running the waterjet, always refer to our trouble shooting guide lines.

On site Installation: IWM can send its technician to provide on site installation and commission services. Floorplan of the machine is usually provided to the buyer prior to the shipping. After receiving the machine, buyer is expected to place the component parts according to the floorplan and get ready of connections of power, water, and compressed air. Buyer also needs to get ready of a drum of anti-wear hydraulic oil ISO # 46. Some amount of abrasive garnet maybe needed for testing cut If abrasive cutting is going to be used.

Training of operation and maintenance: After on site installation and commission of the machine, IWM technician will provide hands on training of hardware operation and maintenance.

Training of software and CNC programming: IWM will also provide software training on how to run the CNC software as well as how to program and generate G-code for cutting. Training includes but not limited to the topics of lead in/out, offset, nesting, inlay design, raster to vector conversion, and selection of cutting speed,


Regular maintenance Waterjet machine requires regular maintenances in order to keep it in good standing to avoid unexpected downtime when customers are waiting for the cut jobs done. Please contact us if you need help on maintenance works. Annual service plan is negotiable.

Repair or upgrade of used waterjet machines IWM can help on repair or upgrade watrerjet machines. Please contact us for detailed discussion on scope of work and quotation.

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