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large cutting table
12x3m large waterjet machine
cantilever Waterjet Machine

Cantilever system
waterjet cutting table
Gantry cutting table (I)
waterjet cutting table
Gantry cutting table (II)
partially assambled pump
inside the pump, intersifier(front), Attenuator(back)
finished waterjet pump
finished pump
hand held control
manual remote control
waterjet On/off valve
cutting head on/off valve
CNC controller
CNC controller
waterjet hopper
automatic abrasive feeder
screan shot
CNC screen shot
robot waterejet cutter
Waterjet machine with robot.
cut 50mm plate
cut 50mm thick steel
one inch cut
cutting a design with 30mm (1 3/16") inch thick steel.
glass/stainless steel bikes
cut sample, glass and stainless steel bikes
glass bike
Cut sample, 8 mm thick glass bike.
waterjet mosaic work
a fish in the mosaic
waterjet stone floor work
nice floor design with stone

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