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Waterjet cutting machine suitable to cut marble and cut granite

water jet cutting marble water jet cutting marble water jet cutting marble water jet cutting marble

High pressure water jet, combined with a CNC cutting table, is specially useful for cutting stones such as marble and granite. Other materials that waterjet cutter can cut includes glass, ceramic tile, and concrete bricks, etc. Most commonly 3x2m waterjet is used because the slabs of marble or granite available are often of this size. The thickness various between 1cm to 3cm. The cutting speed of 2cm thick with water jet cutter is between 200mm/min to 400mm/min.

Three types of Waterjet machines for cutting stone

1. Waterjet with a flat table.
2. Robot waterjet with a circular saw, known as JetSaw.
3. Bridge saw combined with waterjet, cost reduced version of JetSaw.

Type 1. Waterjet -- with a flat table.

Flat bed waterjet is waidely used as a CNC tool to cut stone, such as marble and granite slabs. Depends on the hardness of the stone, cutting speeds varies, from 6 to 30 inches per minute. Stone slabs are usually 2-3 cm thick. The CNC feature of waterjet, enables quick turn around from a shape of custom design to a quick cut out on the actual stone slab. Waterjet is probablly the best technology to cut curved profile on the stone slab. However, when cutting straight lines, such as the outer frame of a kitchen counter top, waterjet does not cut as fast as a circular saw on a bridge saw stone cutter can do. Details can be found at procedure of waterjet cut stone.

flat bed waterjet       flat bed waterjet cut marble

Type 2. Robot JetSaw -- robot arm carries both waterjet head and a circular saw

Recent advanced technology offers great oppotunity for high efficiency stone cutting with robot arm that carries both a circular saw and waterjet cutting head, known as a JetSaw. This type of JetSaw machine allows stone cutting operators to take advantage of fast strait line cutting with saw, and curved shapes, such as sink holes, and round corners of outer frame, with a waterjet on the same table, saving time of loading and unloading between bridge saw and waterjet.

Type 3. Bridge JetSaw -- bridge saw combined with waterjet

While Robot JetSaw is great for stone cutting, there is alternertive to help reduce the cost of the machine for start up companies and for people looking for lower capital invesment of the equipment. The direct combineation of bridge saw and a waterjet offers great reduction of cost yet provides the same cutting capablity of a robot Jetsaw. Follow the link to find more details of bridge jetsaw.
Bridge style JetSaw

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