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We are specialized in High Quality water jet cutter.
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International Waterjet Machines (IWM) is based in California, USA. The company has sales representatives in Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore, and UAE.

IWM's team has over 30 years of experience in ultra high pressure equipments. Currently the company's product line includes water jet cutter, high pressure intensifiers and pumps, seals, high pressure cleaning machines, and uniquely designed ultra high pressure sensor/transducers. IWM also provides customized design and manufacture service for your special high pressure applications.

Water jet cutter is often used as general cutting tool for metal working as well as stone cutting tool, such as ceramic cutting machine, marble cutting machine, and granite cutting machine.

There's no need to drill starting holes, because Abrasive Waterjet can pierce directly through at any point. And with fragile materials like glass, breakage and corner chipping is dramatically reduced compared to other cutting methords. Tool-to-part contact is eliminated, so there is no friction, no thermal damage and no affect on metallurgical properties of heat-treated metals.

Information on CNC Water jet machines supplied by IWM

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Software Introduction

The pressure - Often the waterjet pump has a fixed power rating, say 50HP or 100HP. The pressure of the output that a pump can generate is mainly determined by the power rating of pump and the size of orifice installedd at the cutting head. The power rating of pump determines the maximum pressure it can generate. The working pressure is determined by both the pump capability and the size of orifce which affacts how fast the water comes out of the pump. Since the power rating of the pump is fixed, the working pressure is at the equilibrium of pump capability and the jetting output. The common orifice sizes are 0.010"(0.25mm) to 0.013"(0.33mm). The size of nozzle is usually 3 times the size of orifice. For most of the time, user does not need to adjust the pressure. When cutting thin material, increase the cutting speed, and when dealing with thicker materials, reduce the speed. There are some cases that pressure needs to be reduced then increased, for example, when piercing glass, pressure should be reduced to avoid cracking. After piercing, pressure should be increased for cutting.

Table Size - We currently provide waterjet that can cut 2 dimensional materials such as steel, alloys and stones. The largest size of 2 dimensional cutting table is 12x3 meters (about 40'x10'). The smallest table we make is about 1x1m (3'x3').

Cut, drill, mill, punch, and stamp - Our water jet cutter can drill holes and cut almost any complicated two-dimensional shapes. This saves the cost of having different machines as well as saving time for loading and unloading the work piece from different cutting and drilling machines. For more detailed infomation comparing waterjet to other major cutting tools, see Comparison Matrix of Various Cutting Machines. When the material to be cut is thick, it becomes noticeable the diameter of hole on the top surface is larger than the diameter at the lower surface. This is due to the fact when piercing the hole, the top surface has more time under pressure then the lower surface. Continue to piercing the hole even after the hole has been through will help to even the diameger of hole.

The thickness - The thickness of more than 100mm (4") for steel, alloys, marble, garnit is achievable with abrasive waterjet. Most of the applications require to cut less than 50mm or 2". Any special need beyond this, IWM can do custom design to meet your requirement.

The edge - The finishing surface is smooth and usually no need to have additional process for most of the cases. Because of our special technology, we can keep the cutting pressure of water jet stable and no interruption of abrasive feeding. This produces steady abrasive water jet stream for cutting and yields better edge surface as a result. Since the cutting gap (kerf) is very small, the waste is minimal. The grit of abrasive garnet also plays a role in determining the edge quality. The finer the grit is, the better the edge finishing will be. The cutting speed may be a little slower with finer grit garnet. For more information go to China Garnet

The Jet Lag - When the cutting speed is high, and the material is thick, the position of where the abrasive stream exits the material is lagging the position where the stream enters the material due the time it needs to travel through the thickness of the material. Special care is taken in the software to slow down the cutting head moving speed to allow a good corner cut.

The pressure control - In some older systems, when the waterjet is just turned on, there is a brief moment that the pressurized water stream does not carry abrasive in it. This highly pressurized water stream could break or delaminate certain brittle materials while piercing, such as glass or other composites. In order to prevent this from happening, IWM's water jet cutter has a special ramping feature such that the water pressure ramps up gradually in the first 1-2 seconds while the abrasive garnet is getting mixed into the water stream. The constant working pressure for continuous cutting is set manually before cutting is started.

No Heat Affected Zone - For many other cutting methods, the area near the cutting edge often has internal strain or tension due to the heat generated duing the cutting process. Cutting with water jet generates very little heat, hence, the finished part will not have an area of Heat Affected Zone or HAZ. Therefore generally there is no need for additional heat treatment processing.

Safety - The entire cutting process is safer compared to other cutting methods. There is no spark, no poisonous gas involved during the cutting process.

Quality - Our waterjets use parts from USA. They have good quality and are durable. Since the entire waterjet cutter machine is assembled in China, the overall price is very good. We do very detailed testing before each machine leaves our door to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, due to our careful design of the machine, our customers are able to keep the consumable cost low.

Warranty - Our product comes with excellent warranty and warranty service. We also provide hand on training program.

More information about IWM water jet machines

Generally, IWM's waterjet machine system comes in with three parts, a high pressure intensifier (most important part), a work table, and a CNC control unit (including software).

Competitive price - The machines are integrated in China. We make our intensifier with parts from USA (the best in the world). The pressure can be from (270Mpa - 380Mpa). The higher the pressure is the fast it cuts the material and the thicker it can cut. However, the price of the machine is higher and parts will wear out faster with higher pressure water jet cutters. Water flow rate can be up to 1 gal/min (4 L/min)

Overpass or cantilever - The cutting table is made in China. We offer 1.0m x 1.0m up to 12mx3m in sizes. There are two styles. Overpass or cantilever. The overpass style water jet cutter has one post on each side of the table. The posts limit the loading and unloading of the work piece. The positive side of overpass style is more rigid, less vibration, and that is good for achieving better accuracy. The cantilever anchors only on one side of the waterjet machine, hence the other side is completely open, allowing easy loading and unloading of your work piece.

Montion driver - There are also two types of CNC controlled motors to drive the movement of the cutting head unit where it is mounted on, step by step motors or servo motors. Step by step is cheaper, but less control accuracy.

Controller - The CNC controller comes with IWM's water jet cutting machines are PC based controllers. They have very high reliability as well as flexibility. It is quick to learn, easy to operate, just mouse clicks, and low cost to upgrade. The CNC software is life time free upgrade.

Accuracy - With the modern CNC servo system, the positioning accuracy of the waterjet cutting head is often very good. The actual part tolerance the cutter will yield depends on many factors such as the material being cut, the thickness, the grit of abrasive, the size of the focusing nozzle, etc. In general, IWM's water jet cutters produce parts with a tolerance at the range of 0.004"(0.1mm).

Water cutters or abrasive jet cutting machines - We use parts from USA or Europe to make the cutting head assembly. The nozzle is where high pressured water along with abrasive comes out to perform the cutting. You can use water only or with abrasive. Water only jets are used to cut softer material, while water mixed with abrasive cuts harder material such as Titanium. The nozzle is considered as consumable and needs to be replaced frequently. We use the top of line orifice and nozzle on our machine. The nozzle diameter is usually three to four times the orifice diameter. The kerf width is usually 10% larger than the nozzle diameter. Kerf width is about 0.8-1.0 mm.

Multi-head High Pressure Cutting - To improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the cost, multi head cutting is available with moden high pressure waterjetting technology. The intesifier size (volumn of high pressure water it can produce per minute) and the inner diameter of orifice goes hand with hand to decide how many heads can be used. As a reference here, with 55kpsi, 50 horse power intensifier, it can drive two heads with 0.01 inch inner diameter orifices.

Compatible to industry standard - One important point to make here is that we make our water jet cutter compatible to the industry standards, therefore it is very easy to find other spare part suppliers. It is not like you have to buy parts from IWM if you buy the machine. You are safe even if we went out of business! We make it easy for you.

Software - The CNC software is part of the water jet cutting machine you purchase from us. It is compatible to windows operating system. You can use software such as AUTO CAD to do your design work then transfer your design to the waterjet's control computer for the cutting process.

Abrasive garnet - is very important for your cutting speed and edge quality. It is also a big part of the consumable cost for cutting parts. For more technical specification and price information, visit garnet made in China

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