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water jet cutting machine

Waterjet cutter machine
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Water jet pipe cutting machine

Waterjet pipe cutting machine
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CNC plasma cutting machine

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Waterjet cutter
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water jet cleaning machine

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International Waterjet Machines

IWM is a manufacturer of ultra high pressure waterjet for cutting and cleaning applications, and related spare parts. CNC plasma cutter is also a major product line as alternative to water cutting. See model specifications and pictures here. Waterjet cutter is capable of cutting metal over 100mm(4").

Financing available for USA customers with approved credit. call +1 213 985 4855 for details.

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5 axis tilt head waterjet

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Water jet cut stone

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water jet cutter machine

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IWM Waterjet/plasma cutting machines and services

1. CNC Water jet cutting machine and spare parts.
2. High precision CNC plasma cutting machine.
3. Pipe cutting machines with High pressure waterjet.
4. High pressure water blast cleaning machines.
5. Repair, maintenance and upgrade services.

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What is an abrasive waterjet ?

Abrasive or water only jet cutting machine uses the technology of high pressure water typically between 30,000 psi and 90,000 psi, to create extremely concentrated force to cut materials (wear by abrasion). A waterjet cutter pressurizes water and shoot out a stream of pure water flow (without abrasive)
through an orifice to cut materials such as foam, rubber, plastic, cloth, carpet and wood. On the other hand, an abrasive waterjet mixes abrasive garnet to a pressurized water stream to penetrate and separate(cut) materials. High pressure water, at ultra sonic speed, accelerates the abrasive to grind or erode the material and to cause the separation of the material. Examples are: stainless steel, titanium, glass, ceramic tile, marble and granite. When cutting metal, the process yields very little heat therefore no heat affected zone (HAZ), and hence in most cases will not require further heat treatment. Waterjet is commonly considered as a "cold cut" process and therefore is safe for flammable materials such as plastic and polymers. No other gas or chemicals are used with waterjet cutting machine. With a reasonable cutting speed setting, the edge quality resulted are often of satisfactory. Combined with CNC technology, ultra high pressure water cutting is a very handy and versatile cutting equipment with affordable price for stone cutting and metal working in job shops. Sometimes, experienced engineers can diy to make their own machine for fun and for business. Like