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water jet cutting machine

Waterjet cutter machine
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5 axis waterjet machine

4 or 5 axis waterjet cutter
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Water jet pipe cutting machine

Waterjet pipe cutting machine
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CNC plasma cutter

CNC plasma cutting machine
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plasam tube pipe cutting machine

CNC plasam tube cutting machine
squre, round, angle, H or C beams
water jet cleaning machine

Water jet blast
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Robot Waterjet
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waterjet cutter
Spare parts and garnet

International Waterjet Machines

IWM is a manufacturer of ultra high pressure waterjet for cutting and cleaning applications, and related spare parts. CNC plasma cutter is also a major product line as alternative to water cutting. See model specifications and pictures here. Waterjet cutter is capable of cutting metal over 100mm(4").

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water jet cutter machine

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IWM Waterjet/plasma cutting machines and services

1. CNC Water jet cutting machine and spare parts.
2. High precision CNC plasma cutting machine.
3. Pipe cutting machines with High pressure waterjet.
4. High pressure water blast cleaning machines.
5. Repair, maintenance and upgrade services.

complete machine

What is an abrasive waterjet ?

Abrasive or water only jet cutting machine uses the technology of high pressure water typically between 30,000 psi and 90,000 psi, to create extremely concentrated force to cut materials (wear by abrasion). A waterjet cutter pressurizes water and shoot out a stream of pure water flow (without abrasive)
through high pressure stainelss steel tubing and exit at an orifice to cut materials such as foam, rubber, plastic, cloth, carpet and wood. On the other hand, an abrasive waterjet mixes abrasive garnet to a pressurized water stream to penetrate and separate(cut) materials. High pressure water, at ultra sonic speed, accelerates the abrasive to grind or erode the material and to cause the separation of the material. Examples are: stainless steel, titanium, glass, ceramic tile, marble and granite. When cutting metal, the process yields very little heat therefore no heat affected zone (HAZ), and hence in most cases will not require further heat treatment. Waterjet is commonly considered as a "cold cut" process and therefore is safe for flammable materials such as plastic and polymers. No other gas or chemicals are used with waterjet cutting machine. With a reasonable cutting speed setting, the edge quality resulted are often of satisfactory. Combined with CNC technology, ultra high pressure water cutting is a very handy and versatile cutting equipment with affordable price for stone cutting and metal working in job shops. Sometimes, experienced engineers can diy to make their own machine for fun and for business. Like some other cutting tools, waterjet yields a "V" shaped separation edge, often know as taper. With new technology of multi-axis ( 4 or 5 axis) cutting head, the degree of taper can be largely reduced, or even eliminated. To find more information, click how water jet machines work. Nowadays, water cutter are mostly made in USA, some made in Europe and some made in China.

A complete waterjet usually includes a CNC driven cutting table with a catch tank. The catch tank is filled up with water to dampen the jet force which could damage the bottom of the tank. An abrasive hopper is also a common optional addition to the system. Other options include water tratement equipments such as water softener and filter, abrasive removal system and oil chiller.

Triplex direct drive waterjet cutter

Advantage of triplex waterjet is its low power consumption. Diesel engines are often used with triplex direct drive waterjet due to this low power property. Direct drive pumps are also of high power efficiency. Hydraulic intensifiers losses power due to heat generation with in the hydraulic system. In general, triplex pump waterjet does not require special cooling system. The small size advantage often makes the direct drive waterjet a good candidate for portable cutting applications. IWM provides reliable and low cost triplex direct drive waterjet cutting machines.

Tilted cutting with 4 axis or 5 axis waterjet machine

In order to remove taper on the edge of cutting with normal waterjet, IWM offers tilting waterjet head with 4 or 5 axis CNC control. With tilting head, the taper is only on the scrap side of the material and effectively no taper on the edge of the part. In addition, with the 4 axis or 5 axis waterjet, purposely titled edge on the part is achievable.

Metal cutting with CNC plasma cutters

For metal cutting applications, plasma cutting is often the cost effective alternative. IWM provide stand alone CNC plasma cutting machine, or a CNC cutting system with the combination of waterjet and plasma cutting .

New IWM CNC plasma tube cutting machine

For cutting tube and beam applications, IWM has recently developed CNC plasma tube cutting machine, which can be used to cut square tubes, rectangular tubes, angles, H beams, C beams, and other shapes of beams. For details, follow this link to see exciting new features of CNC plasma tube cutting machine .

New IWM JetSaw stone cutting machine

For cutting mable and granite applications, IWM has recently developed combination of bridge saw and waterjet cnc stone cutting machine, which can be used to cut straight lines with bridge saw, and cut inside curved shapes with the waterjet. For details, follow this link to see exciting new features of Jetsaw stone cutting machine.

picture of overpass and cantiliver machine tables

Highlights of IWM Waterjet cutting and plasma cutting machines

    Waterjet cutter
  • Ultra high and stable water pressure for fast cutting and smooth edge finish.
  • Overpass or Cantilever Style water jet cutting tables.
  • Stainless steel water catch tank for durable use.
  • PC based CNC and MS Windows based contorller software, easy to learn and operate.
  • Compatible to dxf and G-code, nesting is also available.
  • Quick setup and easy programming (make money on short runs).
  • High accuracy control of cutting, up to 0.1mm.
  • Special pressure ramping technique to prevent delaminating (cracking) brittle materials while piercing (drilling).
  • Cut more than 100mm (4 inches) sheet/plate metal at different cutting speed with waterjet.
  • Yields kerf width (the width of the separation) at about 0.8mm (1/32 inch). The width of water jet is determined by the size of orifice used.
  • Steady cutting jet stream, no abrasive output interruption.
  • Low cutting consumable cost.     Abrasive garnet and spare parts on sale.

  • Plasma cutter
  • Ultra high and stable pressure for fast cutting and smooth edge finish.
  • Overpass or Cantilever Style cutting tables.
  • Stainless steel catch tank for durable use.
  • PC based CNC and MS Windows based contorller software, easy to learn and operate.
  • Compatible to dxf and G-code, nesting is also available.
  • Quick setup and easy programming (make money on short runs).
  • High accuracy control of cutting, up to 0.1mm.
  • Flat bed plasma cutting for plates, or rotation structure for plasma pipe cutting.


Major Applications of Waterjet Cutter :

  • Automobile, boat and aircraft manufacturing industry -- to cut irregular shaped plastic and metal parts, often uses robots for motion control.
  • Glass product industry -- whether it is artistic work or glass cover of a product, wide range of application in glass industry.
  • Construction industry -- to cut ceramic tile, mosaic, and marble, or granite for home, commercial building or even pavement decoration. It is often used to cut inlaid designs of marble/granite medallions.
  • Custom fabricated gaskets or other rubber parts for both OEM and individual users.
  • Machine shops -- used as general purpose metal cutting machine tool.
  • Pipe cutting -- used to cut pipe of various materials, or make special designs on the wall of pipes.
  • Large size tyre (OTR) -- waterjet, with its "cold cut" nature, is the best cutting method to cut steel wire embeded off the road tires (OTR).

Major Applications of Plasma Cutting :

  • Automobile, boat and aircraft manufacturing industry -- to cut irregular shaped metal parts.
  • To prepare material before welding.
  • To cut materials that can not be cut by oxygen flame such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.
  • Machine shops -- used as general purpose metal cutting machine tool.
  • Plasma square pipe cutter -- used to cut round, square, and other shaped pipes.

material and designs that waterjet can cut

Comparison of major cutting tools:

Waterjet machines -- fast speed, able to cut thick material, good accuracy and finishing surface. The most outstanding advantage is its versatility, it cuts virtually anything with no heat affected zone(HAZ). The second advantage is its ability to cut thick materials, metal or non-metal. This puts water cutter ahead of laser and plasma cutters. Laser cuts fast, but mostly for 1/2 inch or less thick metal, not to mention laser machine price is usually much higher than that of high pressure water cutting machine. High power plasma can cut thicker metal, but the result edge quality is poor, and it can not cut on non-metal. Water cutter is widely used as cutting machine for metal, glass, ceramic tile, marble, and granite. When cutting metals, some burr occurs near cut. Typically, waterjet can cut thickness as much as 4" of steel (100mm). Parts cut by water jet has little or no burr at the edge. In addition, no dross or slag as the result of water jet cutting. The price of waterjet various from $30,000 and up. Check out IWM's current Waterjet on Sale promotion.

Wire EDM -- slow cutting speed, but it is able to cut very thick material. EDM has very high accuracy and excellent surface finish. No burr, a little HAZ. The down side is only electrically conductive materials can be cut with EDM. Also there must be a way to drill a hole for putting through the wire for cutting. EDM is slower than waterjet cutter.

Laser -- good speed and precise cut when cutting thin material. Laser yields little burr, a little HAZ. Laser is suitable to cut non-reflective mild steel. A 6kw laster can cut as much as 25mm (1 inch) steel. Laser cutting system is also of high price than other cutting tools.In general Laser cutting is faster than that of waterjet cutter.

Plasma -- cuts at high speeds and generates heat that leaves rough edges. Accuracy is not very high with plasma cutting. Plasma cutting can cut electrically conductive materials, up to 6" of aluminum. Process yields HAZ. Special gas need to assist the process. Reasonable price of machine.

IWM is now gladly to offer you option of adding plasma cutting on cnc water jet cutter to enable you to cut thin metal sheets with faster plasma cutting and to cut thicker metals and non metals with water jet.

For more detailed information, including comparison to milling and punch,
see Comparison Matrix of various cutters.

Other high pressure products:

Portable waterjet cutting machine

There is huge need for portable waterjet cutting machine with applications ranging from dismounting wrackage, to field structure repair such as pipe cutting, and even for large sized tyre (OTR tires) cutting. IWM offers Waterjet machine can cut OTR to reduce size to get ready for next shredding process. CNC programmed waterjet machine can optimize the cutting speed for improving throughput and cost reduction. One CNC waterjet machine is suitable to cut differnt sizes of OTR. When used at fields without electric power, diesel engine or diesel generator can be used.

Conventional waterjets pressurize water to high pressure and then mix water with abrasive just before water exits the cutting head. Abrasive is accelerted by high speed water in a mixing tube to receive kinetic energy. Within the 3 or 4 inches length of mixing tube, energy transfer is not very efficient and puts on high requirement of ultra high pressure. However, there is a speical kind of design portable waterjet cutters that pre-mix abrasive with water before it gets pressurized. This enables abrasive to get high kinetic energy at lower pressure with less power driving the pump so that the watejet pump can be made small and light in weight. This kind of portable waterjets are often used for emergency rescue and some other special situations and are not designed and made to be used for heavy duty and long lasting work.

Water blasting with waterjet

With the advanced technology, IWM also manufactures multi-nozzle high pressure jet cleaning machines, also known as water blasting. The water jet (spray cleaning) is for cleaning of hard to reach and/or hard to scrub locations. The water blast cleaning is often used to remove paint or rust, or clean the internal of pipes. The advantage of water blast cleaning is that it does not creat health killer dust as sand blasting, and does not damage the surface of parts to be cleaned. More details of high pressure cleaning machine.

High Pressure Sensor

Another high tech product IWM can supply is ultra high pressure transducer or sensor. The pressure range of measurement is up to 14000Bar (200 KPSI, 1500Mpa). Standard transducer output is 4-20mA. Normalized 0-10 mA current output or voltage output is also available. This pressure transducer is especially useful in a feedback loop of pressure control for applications such as waterjet cutting machines. Find more details of high pressure transducer. The pressure sensor/transducer is often combinded with an IPCI Digital Instrument as read out and control output device. Most common application of such pressure sensor is on a cnc waterjet cutter.

Precise high water pressure generator

In some cases, other than jet cutting applications, there is need to have a kind of high pressure source for testing products that will work under pressure. High pressure water is a good media for ultra high pressure source because of its low compression ratio compared to air. The fact that water does not get compressed much of its volume at high pressure makes it less risk of explosion. The same low compresion ratio property also makes it quick to increase/decrease pressure with water and save process time. IWM can provide equipment as high pressure souce up to 60,000 psi. The pressure can be controlled at incremental of 20 psi.

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